Oak porches

Welcome your guests with a beautiful, handcrafted oak-framed entrance


Timeless beauty and practicality on your doorstep

Beyond the essential shelter and protection, a bespoke oak-framed porch can add elegance, value, and character to your home.

From classic canopy designs to grand glazed facades and structures, the entrance to your property can make a real statement. With our bespoke oak porch design and construction, we can also include a solid oak door and casement windows, tailor-made by professional joiners, providing the perfect finishing touch.

Regardless of the age of your building, the timeless nature of oak will blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of modern or traditional houses. Plus, you have the practicality of additional space to store coats and footwear.

For more information on how an oak-framed porch can bolster your property, get in touch.  


Handcrafted oak-framed porches that leave a lasting impression

Mitre Oak prides itself on delivering bespoke oak-framed design and construction across all its products, including our oak porches. Here is a selection we’ve designed and built over the years for some inspiration.

Why us?

How we plan to exceed your expectations

Investing in an oak-framed porch is no minor expense. We understand and take pride in offering you something unique to your preferences and affordable to your budget. Choose Mitre Oak for your porch project and benefit from the following features:

Bespoke Build Icon

Bespoke build

Your oak-framed porch is handcrafted with precision to meet your ideal requirements.

Sustainably Sourced Icon

Sustainably sourced

All materials we use to build your bespoke porch are sourced sustainably from European oak.

Timeless Beauty Icon
Timeless beauty

From classic canopies to exquisite facades, oak porches always leave an elegant impression.  

Protection and Practicality Icon
Protection and practicality

We ensure your porch is practical and secure to serve its purpose as a stable entrance to your home.


Extra information about our oak porches

Do you need planning permission for a porch?

Your oak porch won’t need planning consent as long as it meets the following criteria:

- No part of the porch is taller than three square metres.

- It’s not within 2m of any boundary adjacent to a road.

- Its ground area (measured externally) does not exceed three square metres.

However, a large, enclosed porch that exceeds three square metres of the ground area will fall under the category of a ‘single-story extension’ and will need to meet the specified criteria for PD.

How much does an oak porch cost?

The cost of your oak porch depends on its size and complexity. Some basic oak porches may cost less than £1000, while others can extend beyond £5000.  

Does a porch need foundations?

All porches must include foundations to comply with building regulations. Most porch foundations fall between 650-1000mm. Other factors affecting foundation depth include tree roots, drains, electrical wires, and other below-ground considerations.

Does a porch add value to a house?

If the porch is constructed well and suits the aesthetic of your home, then it will boost the value of your property.  

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