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Mitre Oak provides a range of five oak-framed home office kits handmade in our Worcestershire workshop. Each kit design has its own distinct style with ease of installation in mind.

For ease and peace of mind, we can take care of everything from build to assembly as a complete turnkey solution.  

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Five home office kit designs handmade from the finest oak

Our home office kits incorporate traditional mortise and tenon oak pegged joints, handmade oak window frames, and doors with Siberian larch cladding for a solid and superior workspace. Two of our designs feature verandas, with each kit handcrafted to meet permitted development (PD) requirements across the height and overall footprint.

Each home office kit is made by hand to order. Any modifications are easily accommodated at your request as every oak frame is assembled in our workshop, ensuring the highest quality before being dismantled and prepared for delivery.

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The Snell

A compact Home Office Kit not short on features, The Snell includes a side window and Oak framed French doors to maximise light, there is also a veranda for sheltered outdoor working or catching some fresh air. A season Oak frame with a planed finish, Larch cladding and handmade Oak joinery complete the build.

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Mitre Oak | Oak Frame Buildings | Oak Office Kits

The Scott

The Scott accommodates wrap around glazing to maximise light and provide a wider field of view to the outdoors. A seasoned Oak frame with a planed finish, handmade Oak doors, Larch cladding and handmade Oak joinery completes the build.

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The Weldon

Whether to store your transportation or add more space, tailor appearances with practicality and build your ideal oak garage.

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The Morris

Enjoy your best work within the peace and serenity of a handcrafted home office, with Siberian larch cladding and underfloor insulation.

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The Elgar

Establish a visually striking and versatile functioning space in the form of a bespoke oak orangery to create a light and airy ambience.  

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What’s included in our oak home office kits?

Multiple options. Same quality.

Across all five of our pre-established home office designs, you can expect to find the following:  

Mitre Oak - Planed Finish

A seasoned oak frame with a planed finish

Mitre Oak - Kiln Dried Oak

Handmade joinery in
kiln-dried oak

Mitre Oak Oak Joints

Traditional oak pegged mortise and tenon joints

Mitre Oak - Locking Systems

Multi-point locking system to all personnel doors

Mitre Oak Braces

Oak knee braces and granite straddle stones

Mitre Oak Studding and Roofing

Softwood studding and roofing timbers

Mitre Oak - Cladding

Siberian larch cladding

Mitre Oak Ironmongery Package

Ironmongery package

Mitre Oak - Insulation

Underfloor insulation

Mitre Oak Flooring

Waterproof, dirt, and slip-proof particleboard flooring

Mitre Oak Membrane

Waterproof & breathable membrane for walls & roof

Mitre Oak drawings

Assembly instructions, plans & groundwork drawings


Extra information about our home office kits

Do you need planning permission for a garden office?  

All our home office kits have been designed to meet PD requirements for height and footprint, so they shouldn't require planning permission. Although, we always advise customers to check the full criteria with their local planning authority.

If you’d like to modify your home office, satisfying PD regulations relies on meeting the following criteria:

Your home office doesn’t exceed 50% of your property.

Your home office should not sit forward from the principal elevation.

Your home office must be a single-story structure, with maximum eaves of 2.5m in height.

How much does a garden office cost?

The cost of your home office can vary significantly depending on the size and sophistication of the structure. Standard home offices are available for just £1500-2000, with more advanced options exceeding £25,000-30,000.

Does a garden office add value?

Due to remote working becoming more popular, a home office in the garden will add to your property value. Providing the structure is safe and built to high-quality standards, your home office can boost the value of your home significantly.

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