Oak garden rooms

Enjoy the changing of the seasons within the comfort of a bespoke garden room


Handcrafted oak-framed garden rooms designed to your exact requirements

An oak garden room provides a place of comfort and relaxation for you and your family. Whether you wish to take extra pride in your garden or have a quiet retreat from the world, a garden room can serve as a versatile social space or secret haven of seclusion.

From hosting guests with additional accommodation to games, reading, and creative spaces, Mitre Oak can help design and construct your ideal oak-framed garden room.

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The fruits of our labour

When it comes to your oak garden room, we offer complete customisation. Choose from a selection of handcrafted windows and doors to suit your design and complete your bespoke structure in style. Here are a few examples to inspire your design.

Why us?

Reasons to choose us to build your dream oak garden room

We understand investing in an oak-framed garden room is a significant expense. But when you choose us, you can invest in confidence. Our team follow four key principles to ensure your project is of the highest standards.

Bespoke Build Icon

Bespoke build

Your oak-framed garden room is handcrafted to meet your exact preferences.

Sustainably Sourced Icon

Sustainably sourced

Every inch of oak we use to build your garden room is sustainably sourced.

Timeless Beauty Icon

Timeless beauty

Enjoy open-plan living spaces with vaulted ceilings and exposed oak beams.

Temperature Regulation Icon

Temperature regulation

The climate-regulating glass will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.  


Additional information about our garden room services

What is a garden room?

A garden room is an additional space in the garden, typically containing flooring, four walls, and a roof. Garden rooms can be used as workspaces or as a separate extension of your home.

Do I need planning permission for a garden room?  

A garden room falls under the category of outbuilding and can meet PD regulations providing you meet the following criteria:

The total area does not exceed 50% of the total area of the curtilage, including any extensions but not the area covered by the main house.

Outbuildings cannot sit forward of the principal elevation.

Height restrictions vary across different types of roofs. It's 4m for a dual-pitch roof, 3m for other roof types, and 2.5m when the building is within 2m of the boundary.

Garden rooms may be a single-storey structure with a maximum eaves height of 2.5m.

Buildings cannot be used for residential accommodation, such as bedrooms or an annexe but can be used to provide a place to work from home.

How much does a garden room cost?

The price of your garden room depends on the size and complexity of the structure. However, garden rooms tend to be cheaper than typical house extensions.

Does a garden room add value?

A well-constructed garden room will add value to your home as an additional living area, whether for working, relaxing, or hosting guests.

Can I put a toilet in my garden room?

Garden rooms can easily accommodate a toilet alongside other bathroom utilities such as a sink, shower, and bath.

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