Preparing the foundations for your oak-framed project


Accurate groundwork to sustain your oak-framed structure

At Mitre Oak, we don’t just design and build beautiful bespoke oak-framed structures. We lay the groundwork too. For all our oak construction projects, it’s crucial to consider the necessary groundwork early in the development stage to ensure the right space and preparation are established to keep your project running smoothly without delay.

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Our groundwork process

Top-quality construction begins from the ground up

Groundwork provides the essential first stage for all oak-framed construction projects. We ensure our standards never slip by following the same tried and tested process.

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We take the time to investigate the ground to ensure it’s suitable to sustain your project.

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The area is then clear so we can create a level surface that’s prepared for the foundations.

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Depending on the size and height of your structure, we will prepare the necessary foundations.

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Extra provisions

We will also prepare the necessary provisions for drainage, electrics, and other utilities.


Additional information about our groundwork services

What are groundworks?

Groundwork helps prepare the surface ready for your oak-framed construction. It relies on a few tasks, such as a thorough investigation of the ground, site clearance, and installation of footings and foundations alongside provisions for drainage and cabling.

How deep do foundations need to be?

Foundation depth depends on the size of the structure. A typical single-storey will require footing that extends to a minimum of 12 inches. The depth of foundations also depends on the soil conditions.

How much do groundworks cost?

Groundwork is often charged per square meter with an average cost of £100-125 per square meter. Depending on your foundation depth, this price may exceed £150 per square meter. At Mitre Oak, we’ll include all the pricing for your groundwork in the overall price of your oak-framed construction.

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